Letters to the Editor


The right thing to do

Re: Don’t change canon, says commission (Anglican Journal, Feb. 2015, p.1). So the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order (IASCUFO) does not want

Public advocate for common good

As conscientious Canadians, we must respond to the very real threat to the continued existence of the CBC and our democracy coming from members within

A good death

Colin Proudman (Dying Well, Letters, Feb. 2015, p. 4) correctly points out that the root meaning of the word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek, meaning

‘Good stuff’

I’ve just put down the March 2015 issue of the Anglican Journal. I cannot remember a previous edition that has contained so much “good stuff.”

David Anderson

March Letters

As a lifelong journalist and corporate communicator, I couldn’t agree more with outgoing Journal editor Kristin Jenkins’s plea for the national church not to imminently further starve or kill the print version of the Anglican Journal as a part of its seemingly never-ending restructurings! [Choosing Door Number Two, Feb. 2013, p. 2]…

David Anderson

February Letters

These letters appeared in the Feb. 2013 issue of the Anglican Journal.

Thanks, but

Thank you for the website book review of the Canadian Council of Churches’ new resource, Cracking Open White Identity Towards Transformation [Deconstructing white power and

Where are the young?

Congratulations on completing the national readership survey. The results reveal a great deal about your readership and about the Anglican Church of Canada.I hope I

Lovely little article

I must say, my favourite part of the Anglican Journal is The Anglican [the newspaper of the diocese of Toronto]. But in the most recent

Onward, Christian soldiers

Whenever I’m in Ottawa, where I grew up, I worship at St. Richard’s Anglican Church with my mom and my girlfriend, Suzanne. I’ve been in

Borders on racism

Several articles in the October 2012 issue of the Anglican Journal are illustrated with photos.My concern is that African and native people are not named

What covenant?

I find this covenant something of a mystery (What happens if we say no? Sept. 2012, p. 1). What it is about has completely missed

Let God be the judge

Having just finished reading the latest edition of the Anglican Journal [Dioceses offset legal fees, June 2012, p. 6], I would like to suggest that

Good work

I am so impressed with the new format of the Anglican Journal. Keep up the good work. It is so informative, and the layout is

Moving story

My compliments to Bishop Mark [MacDonald] for his moving and meaningful story, Peter John’s last trip (Sept. 2012, p. 2).The Rev. Michael Shouldice Rankin Inlet,

Racism in Canada: Is it the elephant in the room? Illustration: david anderson http://davidandersonillustration.com

What about koinonia?

In the summer of 1979, I was a student in the diocese of Moosonee, where the priest was called the “prayer boss” by the First

Insulting caption

You have allowed an insulting caption to appear in the Anglican Journal. On page 8 of the June issue, there is a photograph of the

David Anderson http://davidandersonillustration.com

He stands behind trees

I wish to thank the Journal for the satirical and comedic manner in which they presented the possible choices for the next Archbishop of Canterbury

Cover to cover

I would like to congratulate you and your team on the new Anglican Journal. I sat down and read the June issue from cover to

More readable

My June copy of the Anglican Journal arrived this morning. The new format is just great! It presents in a much more user-friendly way with

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