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Letters to the Editor, March 2016

Here’s my response to the announcement that [the] dioceses [of Ottawa and Montreal] have made the decision to not invest their funds in the oil industry (Synods divest from fossil fuels, Jan. 2016, p. 1): I want you to remember that there are thousands of people whose employment revolves around the production of oil in northern Alberta.

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Letters to the Editor, January 2016

A heartfelt thanks for publishing the article Out of the shadows and into the light, by Tali Folkins (Nov. 2015, p. 3). I am a Christian man who has lived with a bipolar disorder for 40 years.

November 2015 Letters to the Editor

Divergent views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Two letters in the September 2015 issue of the Anglican Journal miss the mark in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (One rule for readers and another for contributors? by John Dalton and One-sided by M.C. Barnard, p. 4).

October 2015 Letters

Understanding the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery I am encouraged by Marites N. Sison’s editorial (‘What do they want now?’ May 2015, p. 4).

September 2015 Letters to the Editor

One rule for readers and another for contributors? I refer to your editorial and the statement re: letters (Dear editor…, June 2015, p. 4): “A

Two St. Luke’s

In regard to the article, Knitting nonagenarian, April 2015 [p. 7], please be advised that there are two St. Luke’s Anglican churches in London, Ont.

Life everlasting

Re: Dying well (Letters, Feb. 2015, p. 4). Could somebody, a fellow Christian, explain to me what “dying well” is? Is it possible that a

Low wages, ‘unrealistic’ wants at the heart of poverty

I liked the article on the need to press the government to develop better plans for dealing with poverty here in Canada (Faith groups back anti-poverty campaign, April 2015, p. 1). So often we focus on those far away, forgetting the suffering near us.

May 2015 Letters to the Editor

(These letters were first published in the May 2015 issue of the Anglican Journal.) Hospice volunteer gives new meaning to dying well Colin Proudman (Dying

Why ‘check in with the Pharisees’?

Re: Don’t change canon, says commission (Feb. 2015, p.1). Somehow the world did not end in 2005 when the Canadian government made it the law

Full of hot air

Since the Supreme Court made it illegal to discriminate against the gay community, the Anglican church has managed to do absolutely nothing. Lots of hot

Shallow Journal

I am writing as a Christian with a M.Div and who served eight years in Africa as a missionary. It is of great concern that

Don’t compromise on promise

The ongoing struggle around the church acknowledging the marriage of same-sex couples is disheartening, to say the least. A strength of the Anglican church historically

Leave Canon 21 alone

Re: Don’t change canon, says commission (Feb. 2015, p. 1). It never fails to amuse me that the amount of time wasted about proposed changes

Holy mystery

Holy mystery Mathew Zachariah’s excellent letter, No eucharists alike (Feb. 2015, p. 5) speaks of the faithful, “looking at words in the Book of Alternative

Defending Israel

Re: Anti-Zionism doesn’t mean anti-Semitism [Letters, Jan. 2015, p. 5]. The destruction in Gaza was not “wanton,” but carefully targeted to minimize civilian losses, most

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