The Anglican Journal Appeal

Thank you for considering a donation to the Anglican Journal. In these challenging times, our staff is working hard to deliver important, meaningful stories about how the church—in Canada and throughout the world—is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your help in this project is invaluable.

Your generosity helps to ensure we can continue our work. It’s hard to know what challenges tomorrow will bring—but today, your gift to the Anglican Journal will help us face those trials together, trusting that our shared search for meaning, hope and purpose will always bear fruit. 

Anglican Cathedral Newfoundland

Photo: Cathedral, St. John’s, Newfoundland


Looking for a receipt or have questions about a donation?

Anglican Journal Appeal: email or phone Fe Bautista at 1-866-924-9192 x 245
Giving With Grace (General Synod): email or phone Grace Lança at 1-866-924-9192 x 326

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