Defending Israel

Published March 31, 2015

Re: Anti-Zionism doesn’t mean anti-Semitism [Letters, Jan. 2015, p. 5]. The destruction in Gaza was not “wanton,” but carefully targeted to minimize civilian losses, most of which were caused by Hamas to gain world sympathy. What was “disproportionate” was the number of men of military age listed among civilian deaths. It has been established under international law that the Israeli settlements are not illegal, and the comments about “Washington’s unconditional support” and “another apartheid state” are equally absurd.

Does it not make sense to install checkpoints to deter suicide bombers, as we do at airports, and a wall, which reduced Jewish casualties by 92 per cent? It is well to bear in mind that the Gaza Strip was given to the Palestinians, at great cost to Israel in human and economic terms, in hopes of establishing a friendly neighbour. What came instead was an incessant barrage of rockets and a network of terror tunnels, financed by corporations and nations (and yes, even churchmen) unable to distinguish between aggressor and victim.

Rather than following the suggested example, I propose we take seriously God’s words in Gen. 12:2-3, and do our best to bring them about.

John Harrison
Sidney, B.C.




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