Letters to the Editor


Something for everyone

Re: Stop signs on the road to spiritual growth [Letters, June 2012, p. 2]. You are quite right, sir, nobody wants to worship in a

Much chat as revenues fall

In the online reports by Marites N. Sison on the May meeting of the Council of General Synod, it is good to read the opening

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He stands behind trees

I wish to thank the Journal for the satirical and comedic manner in which they presented the possible choices for the next Archbishop of Canterbury

Let Jesus speak

A word of appreciation for Bishop Mark MacDonald’s column, Why be a Christian? [April 2012, p. 4]. I thoroughly support the response of his Lakota

“They” are, in fact, “us”

The editorial Choosing Life [April 2012, p. 4] tells a heart-breaking story of untreated mental illness resulting in the suicide of a young mother. One

Dozens more like this, please!

The article Transforming a broken church [March, p. 7] was truly inspirational. The Anglican Church of Canada needs dozens more similar stories if we hope


Stop signs on the road to spiritual growth

To grow or not to grow? That is the question. And rightly so. I attended a compline service the other evening-lovely music, soft lighting, serene

Refocus the lens

In your April 2012 issue, Parishioners protest, p. 1, and Killer buildings, p. 3, describe the efforts to stop Canada’s involvement in asbestos because of

Advocacy needed

I would like to thank Diana Swift for her articles on asbestos [Parishioners protest, April 2012, p. 1, and Killer buildings, April 2012, p. 3].

Baptism by proxy

Illustration: David Anderson http://davidandersonillustration.com All non-Christians, not to mention atheists, living and dead can now be assured of entering heaven, thanks to the Mormons  [Baptism

No need to copy that

The newly revised Roman Catholic Apostles’ Creed that includes the assumption that Jesus goes to hell is not news to those familiar with the Book

Parish of St. Wal-Mart

The article describing the transformation of St. John the Evangelist parish in Thorold, Ont., saddens me no end. Long before we reach our parish in

Would he do that?

In the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed in Morning and Evening Prayer has always said “descended into hell.” It was only with

A flawed instrument

While I am certain that Debbie Grisdale’s letter to the editor [Break the silence, Mar. 2012, p. 4] has nothing but honourable intentions in supporting

Wonderful gospel message

Although I grew up Mennonite, my wife and I are blessed to be part of an Anglican congregation in Winnipeg that has a vibrant ministry.

A place to start

The question about “a mission” and “church” is indeed central. Bishop Steve Croft (last year’s Vital Church Planting conference speaker) defined a fresh expression of

Baby out with the bath?

I think it is important that we make our churches as welcoming and friendly as possible, but not by diluting Anglicanism or going with “non-gospel

Make no mistake

I read with considerable interest how cross-denominational relationship-building has resulted in the apparent rejuvenation of the parish church of St. John the Evangelist. What has

How do you define mission?

I read with great interest the articles related to church renewal.  It deserves our full attention if the church is to survive and thrive.  Is there

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