A flawed instrument

Published May 1, 2012

While I am certain that Debbie Grisdale’s letter to the editor [Break the silence, Mar. 2012, p. 4] has nothing but honourable intentions in supporting an international arms trade treaty (ATT), I have to suggest that this is a very flawed instrument if indeed its intent is to staunch the flow of illegal arms into Third World nations. The ATT will have only a deleterious effect on hunters, farmers and indigenous people in Canada. It will not slow down the traffic in illicit arms. It will, however, make the production of recreational and sporting firearms prohibitively expensive. But, then, maybe this was its purpose all along.I would suggest that readers view the Amnesty International-endorsed film, The Lord of War, featuring Nicholas Cage, to find out who the true villains are. Larry Kahaner’s book AK-47 offers a good insight into the illegal arms industry.    Let’s stop spinning our wheels and get started on something that will really work.


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