He stands behind trees

David Anderson http://davidandersonillustration.com
David Anderson http://davidandersonillustration.com
Published September 1, 2012

I wish to thank the Journal for the satirical and comedic manner in which they presented the possible choices for the next Archbishop of Canterbury (Who will replace Roman Williams? May 2012, p. 3).  I had quite the chuckle when Dr. Sentamu was described as an “adept self-publicizer” with “an eye for political gesture and photo op.”  I grinned at the description of Bishop James as the “safe and cautious insiders’ choice”-as if there was a secretive (but not dangerous) cabal in the making.  However, I laughed out loud at the description of Dr. Richard Chartres as one who “does not ordain women but stands behind trees.”

I am looking forward to the cartoon in the next issue, as this article seems to have been written in order to inspire such cartoonish representations of these individuals.  I only hope they see the humour in it.

The Rev. Kyle Norman, Calgary


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