What covenant?

Published November 1, 2012

I find this covenant something of a mystery (What happens if we say no? Sept. 2012, p. 1). What it is about has completely missed me or I have just forgotten. Many people know there is a covenant, but not what for or why; some even say, “What covenant?” You know, I think it would be wonderful if the paper could get someone to write an in-depth article to tell or remind us all about what is going on.I see it’s recommended as a way of healing divisions over same-sex marriage. Well, the divisions are there to stay, unfortunately. The Archbishop of Canterbury should have stood up for the faith, not rewritten the Bible and called it The Windsor Report. With a covenant, there should be give and take, and I am left wondering what changes it may lead to in the church.Charles Farley
Winnipeg, Man.


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