The Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi


Guest Reflection: Seeing with Open Eyes

“Seeing people-as they really are-is not easy. We tend to see people through our own unique lens of experience. None of us are ever totally

Guest Reflection: God in dry places

“…How is it that some of us feel helped and others do not? Our lessons suggest that the answer has a great deal to do

Guest Reflection: Obeying the call

“You have been blessed, so richly blessed, by a God who continues to bestow upon you blessing upon blessing. Share what you have with others.”

Guest Reflection: The Mystery of Incarnation

“…No matter our circumstances or situation in life, God comes to us, abides with us, and strengthens us for the journey ahead.” Photo: Shutterstock Philosophers

Guest Reflection: Loved, and always loved

“No label, no exclusion, no church pronouncement, no civil degree can ever make you less than you are – God’s Beloved.” Photo: Shutterstock It hurts

"Knowing that behind this world is a loving God, personally involved in our world...we experience a sense of meaning and direction." Photo: Dubova/Shutterstock

Guest Reflection: Confidence in the Gospel

In December, the Anglican Journal reported on one of the most widely publicized religious debates in recent times-two great minds debating whether or not religion

Guest Reflection: Catch the dream

‘God never gives us a mission without giving us the resources to carry out that mission.’Photo: Don Hammond “It all started with a mouse.” That’s

Brett Wilson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, sports investor, and in 2008 became the new "dragon" on CBC's Dragon's Den.

Guest reflection: A Foundation for Living

Back in 1993, Brett Wilson co-founded First Energy Capital Corporation, a boutique investment bank specializing in oil and gas. That venture made him a very

Guest reflection: God of the Living

On this Remembrance Sunday, when we honor those who served and died in Canada’s wars and peacekeeping missions, I want to focus our attention on

Guest reflection: What happens when we die?

In the late 1980s my mother was battling stomach cancer. The disease left her extremely weak and in constant pain. Surgery followed by chemotherapy seemed

Residents observe the rescue of the miners trapped in the San Jose mine in Copiapo, Chile.Photo: Mariana Bazo/Reuters

Guest reflection: Never Give Up!

I admit I was close to tears when I saw the last rescued Chilean miner come above ground, after spending 69 days deep in the

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Church

Did you know that more people around the world can identify the golden arches of McDonald’s than the cross of Jesus Christ? Why is that?

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