The Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi



Christian Anger Management

One of the funniest movies in recent years is Anger Management with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Sandler plays a businessman who is wrongly sentenced

Cross-Centred Living

A philosophy professor once posed a problem to his class: “A certain man has syphilis; his wife has tuberculosis. Of their four children, one has

The moment to decide

Joe Paterno sat in his office back in 2002 and was doing what he did so well-focusing on football. He was the head coach of

A healing church for hurting people

Wayne Newton is probably best known as a Las Vegas entertainer. He is also a devoted Elvis Presley fan. In 1992, Wayne Newton produced a

Strength for the weary

Last year’s Christmas letter from my friend in England startled me. He is a Roman Catholic priest who I have known since our time together

What shall we do with Jesus?

I was preaching a sermon one Sunday evening in a little country church, when a man stood up and shouted, “Preacher, preacher, you don’t really

A Life of Success

The Rev. Fred Craddock is a remarkable southern preacher in the United States, who says this story really happened. Dr. Craddock was visiting in the

Extreme Faith

Most of us probably have been to an IMAX theater, which is larger than life, and usually shows action movies that draw you into the

A Lesson from the Life of Herod the Great

Will the Arab Spring become an Arab winter? That’s the question commentators have been asking as events unfold in the Middle East. This past year

Seven questions every church should ask

The Canadian Jesuit philosopher Bernard Lonergan began his seminal work Insight with this statement: “When a dog has nothing to do, it goes to sleep.

Prescription for happiness

What would it take to make you happy? Respondents to a survey several years ago settled on $10,000 as the amount that would solve their

Joyful Living

When I lived in San Diego, cosmetic surgery was very much in vogue. Newspapers and magazines were full of advertisements for facial and breast surgery,

Nine lessons on the missional church

In a post-Christian world where the church is increasingly relegated to the margins of cultural life, what does it take to grow a church? How

” If we can’t welcome this Christ who is present in the struggles of human living, then we will never be able to welcome the Christ who will come in glory.” Photo: Paul Prescott

When Christ comes again

In a now infamous U.S. presidential debate in 2011, Republican candidate Ron Paul shrugged off society’s responsibility to care for a hypothetical young man, comatose

Investing in Your Talents

Recently I have been noticing in newspapers and money magazines that many people want to retire early. Forget about retiring at age 65. One couple,

Triumphant Living

When I was a chaplain in the United States Army Reserve in 1990, rumours grew that the nation might go to war. Iraq was threatening

“Sunrise Christians live with hope that the resurrection of Jesus makes all things possible, even the promise of heaven.” Photo: Alena Root

Not Without Hope

When I served a parish in San Diego, the custom on All Saints Sunday was to read aloud the names of loved ones who had

Reflection: Giving Thanks

There is a story about a certain preacher who was known for his uplifting prayers. He always found something for which to be grateful. One

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