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"Take a hard look at yourself, your gifts, strengths and passions. Then try to distill your answers into a concise purpose statement," advises the author. Photo: Matthew Williams-Ellis

How will you measure your life?

Summer is a time when I catch up on my reading, and this one was no exception. One book that particularly resonated with me was

When tragedy strikes

If you’re like me, the recent news reports of shootings and mass killings in Canada and the U.S. have been spirit numbing. Toronto’s Eaton Centre

Kingdoms in conflict

“It’s not easy living in Canada these days,” a pastor said to me at a clergy breakfast several months ago. I replied, “What you do

"Prayer requires the faith to let God be God," says the author. Photo: Mandy Godbehear

The mystery of unanswered prayer

How would you describe prayer? The 19th Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts Phillips Brooks answered: “A prayer in its simplest definition is merely a wish turned

Addressing the seven key areas of SWEEPSS will help rev up your church for the coming year. Photo: Tim Hallam

The seven pillars of parish planning

It’s already summer, but it’s not too late to plan for the upcoming parish year. Urban and suburban churches tend to slow down considerably during

True patriot love: A sermon for Canada Day

In April 1775, the British essayist Samuel Johnson wrote, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” He was wrong. There is a profound difference

Truth needs to be taught personally and embodied in us just as we believe that Jesus is embodied truth, says the Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi. Photo:IgorGolovniov /

A father’s greatest gift

How can we teach our children the truth? A group of parents were pondering that question several years ago in a parish where I served

"God will help you become what he calls you to be," says the Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi. Photo: Oleg Gekman

Discover your calling

Do you remember the great Canadian actor Raymond Massey? His portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the movie Abe Lincoln in Illinois has got to be

The Servant Queen

She was so young and the task so enormous. Thrust onto the world stage in one of the most visible positions of leadership at the

The power of Pentecost

Several years ago Heather, Allison and I were visiting relatives in Peterborough and staying at her uncle and aunt’s home. One night there was to

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Several years ago I read the book Why CEOs Fail by David Dotlich and Peter Cairo. The authors detail 11 behaviors that often derail the

How do I know God loves me?

A few weeks ago, people around the world remembered the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic – an awful tragedy that resulted in

Room for all

When I was rector of a church in Pennsylvania, a couple asked to meet with me during the week. They came to my office, sat

Love leads to life

Here is some really good news and some not so good news. The good news is that life expectancy is on the rise. A healthy

"Vision uplifts us, inspires us and gives us a common purpose to face the future with faith rather than fear." Photo: bikeriderlondon

Why churches fail to grow

In my experience as a pastor and church consultant, the one question almost every Anglican asks is, “Why isn’t my church growing?” In many cases,

Sight and insight

When the British philosopher and atheist, Bertrand Russell, was asked what he would say if he died and found himself confronted by God, demanding to

The go-ahead God

Some of us may have seen the movie The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher. There is no doubt about it: Margaret Thatcher

The sacrifice of God

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan last year is nothing new for that island nation. At the latter half of the 19th century, for

Expect a miracle this Easter

A recent article in The Globe and Mail [“Sanctuary in the city” Feb. 13, p.L8) describes a spiritual journey one woman shared with her husband.

Amazing Grace!

There she was, on the third floor of the mental health center. She had been a resident for as long as anyone could remember, and

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