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A call to examine the church’s complicity in racism

Theologian and blogger Drew G.I. Hart’s analysis of North American racism is a call to justice aimed at both church culture and the wider society—with the greater challenge aimed at church people.

Yukon diocese unable to elect new bishop

Archbishop Terrence Buckle will postpone his retirement after Yukon failed to elect a new bishop. Members of the diocese of the Yukon, meeting in Whitehorse

Niagara to share churches

An Ontario judge ruled on May 5 that the diocese of Niagara must be allowed to share three church buildings where congregations have voted to

Beardy returns to ministry

Bishop Gordon Beardy, who served as the first aboriginal diocesan bishop in the Canadian Anglican church, rejoined the diocese of Keewatin in mid-April to assist

Saskatchewan bishop heads south

Bishop Anthony Burton, who has served the diocese of Saskatchewan for 15 years as its bishop and two years as its dean, announced on April

Athabasca explains synod move

The leader of the Anglican Church of Canada asked the archbishop of Athabasca for an explanation after its synod passed motions supporting churches that have

Priest left province over theology

While several Canadian churches have sought to join the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone because of theological differences with the Canadian church, Rev. Maurice

Sessions on sexuality are closed

Niagara Falls, Ont.Anglican Church of Canada bishops decided, at the April 14 opening session of their spring meeting, to close to the public half of

Bishops decline proposal for talks

Niagara Falls, Ont.Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada, at their April 14-18 meeting, declined a request for national-level negotiations over church property from the

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