Kristin Jenkins


Walking a mile in their shoes

Who is not broken, not challenged with overcoming pain, whether from childhood or just yesterday? Who hasn’t had hope crushed, felt the heart shatter, the

Hangin’ with the Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama loves to laugh and does so frequently, with obvious delight. But while he may be full of child-like joy, he is

Looking for all the places to meet God

Bishop Michael Bird: “We’ve spent a lot of time trying to discern where God is leading us.” Photo: Kristin Jenkins Bishop Michael Bird of the

Been there, done that

Life at sea is always busy but also singularly focused. For one young naval officer trained to navigate, the long weeks and months surrounded by

While the whole world watches

Faggot, whore, slut, homo. For a teen or pre-teen in our culture, these are the most effective taunts any bully can throw at you, whether

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus

Major Doug Friesen “I never thought of myself as a military kind of guy,” confesses Major Doug Friesen, the Formation Chaplain in Esquimalt, B.C. He

A friend to everybody’

Military chaplains working in war zones such as Afghanistan often find themselves giving communion wherever the troops are. Commander the Rev. Canon Baxter Park doesn’t

Survival in the age of uncertainty

Photo: Saskia Rowley Fielder Have you ever been fired? I have. More than once. Oddly, it was never for the things I thought were just

Cockapoo Charlie takes the heat. Photo: Manuel Rodenkirchen

The dog days of summer

My family loves animals. Growing up in Prince Edward County across the bay from Belleville, Ont., we were fortunate to have room for two Siamese

A peddler of heresy? Oh my…

Love or hate the Anglican Journal, readers seem to be paying attention. And in fact, early results from a readership survey rolled out at General

Just you and me, Olive

Suzanne RumseyPhoto: Art Babych See video interview at It takes guts to ride a bike these days. But 100 kilometers a day for 18

Money matters

Michelle Hauser On the eve of General Synod 2010 in Halifax, a “visionary” sponsor stepped forward with $30,000 to help fund the cost of communications

Good cop, bad cop

Early responses to the Anglican News & Readership Survey, which was rolled out at General Synod 2010 to better determine the news and information needs

A breath of fresh air

The Rev. Canon Nick Brotherwood Photo: Art Babych See video interview: There’s nothing stale about the Rev. Canon Nick Brotherwood, team leader of Fresh

Rain with a touch of anticipation

I’ve settled into my room at Saint Mary’s University with a big sigh of relief. I won’t have to pack again for another 11 days.

Yesterday was my 56th birthday…

Kristin Jenkins …and I got to spend it with a very lively group of colleagues: the diocesan editors. We are a motley crew and proud

Notes from a newbie

There are General Synod veterans, General Synod junkies and then there are people like me: a General Synod newbie. (I wanted to say General Synod

Vision 2019: Where’s the beef?

Where there is no vision, 
the people perish. -Proverbs 29:18 I love a parade as much as the next person. If nothing else, it serves

Pop goes the art

RABBIT, 1986, by Jeff Koons If you’re planning a visit to our nation’s capital this summer, the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) has simply got

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