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Published December 1, 2010

Zero living

The article (Green your life, Oct. 2010, p. 1) raises some valid issues regarding actions to combat rising greenhouse-gas emissions. Yes, we need firm commitment by government, but that is only half the story. The crisis facing our once-green world is global. The solution lies with each and every one of us. I live on Vancouver Island. I grow much of my own food, cycle, irrigate my garden with rainwater, eschew “disposable” containers, dry my laundry out of doors, mend things that break and use elbow grease not power tools. I call it “zero living” and I invite others to follow suit. In the words of Professor Lynn McDonald, “Anglicans need to green their lives.” But so too does everyone else. Now.
Elizabeth Griffin
Victoria, BC

Staring us in the face

Climate change has been happening for billions of years, long before humans and the Industrial Revolution. The probable reason for environmental damage was postulated 200 years ago by the Rev. Thomas Malthus. He forecast global destruction caused by global overpopulation.
M.J. Pringle

Alarming statement

While our bishops have every right to meet in private to share fellowship and pastoral care, when they are acting in an official capacity as the House of Bishops, they should do so in the open. I am alarmed by the statement that came from their October meeting in Montreal that it is their “consensus that the media should attend our meetings only when invited.” About the only media consistently interested in what anyone in the Anglican Church of Canada does these days is the church’s own media. To exclude them is to keep official episcopal deliberations from Anglicans. This violates the co-operative nature of governance that we expect in our church.
Neale Adams

Two thumbs up… and one down

In the article Been there, done that (Nov. 2010, p. 9), you referred to HMCS Discovery as “the HMCS Discovery.” Since the letters HMCS stand for “Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship,” they are never preceded by a definite article. On a more positive note, congratulations on a deeply moving editorial on the subject of sexual bullying. And congratulations on the well-written and well-balanced essays on the Anglican Military Ordinariate. The Anglican Journal also deserves the highest praise for the “Walking together” column by Bishop Mark MacDonald. The insight and wisdom of his monthly column are a joy to read.
K. Corey Keeble

Shining example

Recently, I was in Calgary and attended Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. The first person I met there was Verne W. Trevoy, who, along with his dog, Charlie, greeted me most warmly (A helping paw, Nov. 2010, p. 5). Charlie’s gentle demeanour and faithful obedience to Mr. Trevoy’s needs (including taking him up for communion) was inspiring. Many church greeters could learn from Charlie’s shining example!
Jon Ted Wynne

Stories of survival

Survival in the age of uncertainty

(Oct. 2010, p. 4) is a beautiful story when so many need encouragement, understanding and love. Keep up the good work.
Barbara Dreury
Arborg, Man.

Found her name

I found the name of RCAF Airwomen veteran Dorothy Chambers [How to wear a poppy, Nov. 2010, p. 2] in my reunion memorabilia. I joined the RCAF Airwomen in October 1942 as an equipment assistant. Later, I played clarinet for parades and recruitment concerts.
D. Fern McFadden
Paisley, Ont.

Death rattle?

Now that our Anglican Church of Canada has closed its Partnerships department and is shrinking on all fronts, is that a death rattle we hear…and does anyone care? Our money problem is a symptom. We do not have a financial problem but a spiritual one.
The Ven. William Portman
Regina, SK

Come as you are

This year’s theme for Back to Church Sunday was “Come as you are.” Our welcome is sadly limited. A gay or lesbian person will hear, “Do come, but we can’t accept your relationship.” By contrast, Jesus’ invitation to each and every one of us is unconditional. If only we had his courage and compassion.
Winifred Perryman
Corbyville, Ont.

Most distressing

It is distressing that the bishops in Toronto have ordained to the priesthood a person who is civilly married to a same-sex partner. They have set in motion further departures from our beloved Anglican Church of Canada. Such actions make it very difficult for those of us who are trying to encourage people to stay.
The Rev. Canon Dr. Brett Cane

Real elders

I think the solution to the shortage of priests to administer the eucharist is the one proposed by Roland Allen almost a century ago: ordain the natural and recognized leaders of local congregations as priests (presbyters).
Howard E. Green

What about Vietnam?

Shamefully, Canada excludes from Remembrance Day ceremonies those who fought-and died-in the Vietnam War. We should keep in mind that the vast majority of those who fought in that war did so with honourable intentions.
Frank G. Sterle, Jr.
White Rock, BC


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