The church is lifted up by each of us

Photo: Pam Walker
Published November 1, 2023

FEATHER: Today my feather prayer lifted up is that we together take a moment to close our eyes, take a cleansing calming breath, and empty our overwhelmed minds to the soothing peace of personal prayer, wherein we open our hearts and souls to a voice greater than our own, and where the rush and roar of the world around us are stilled. It is my prayer that together we in the stillness may have our being opened to truths newer than those we imagine before us. Our prayer ascends as a great chorus before the Almighty where voice and heart are heard, every need and cry known and acknowledged, every tear lifted. This is the power of prayer, this is the strength in the humbling and diminishing of ourselves when we let go and lean on the Almighty in the true opening of ourselves in sacrificial prayer.

SAGE: As my new ministry takes flight and as I see the need to pause more than ever and pray, I acknowledge that the Almighty has a plan and that all I need do is my small part to add to the greater whole. It is not about me, but about what we together are called to do to bless this world around us. I acknowledge and give glory to the Almighty that you my relations in the family of God are blessed to do something that I can’t. I see this in my travels as I strive to visit and am blessed by the communities that I am invited to. In my visiting, I see the glorious work of God being lifted up in service and ministry by all who serve the church in so many varied ways. We all have our calling and ministry, we all have our own offerings of skills and strengths, and the more I travel the more I see this. I acknowledge that, just as I cannot pilot an airplane, I cannot do what you do in your context. The Lord has brought us together to be better collectively than separately; we are a community and family in the Almighty’s creation, a glorious choir of service and prayer to God. So today my prayer of thanksgiving is for what you do today. May you seek always the face of God in the other before you and may peace and blessing be in your steps as you go out into the world and may your smile of faith be a blessing to the world around you.


  • Archbishop Chris Harper

    Archbishop Chris Harper is national Indigenous archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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