Featured letter: Church jargon is like alphabet soup

Published January 5, 2009

Dear editor,
I guess I’m an Anglican. I’ve been confirmed, married, and baptized in an Anglican church. I’ve sat on vestries, and been a synod delegate. Happily. But I no longer attend or provide funds. Why? Read the latest Anglican Journal. Our leaders couldn’t organize a two-car parade. I can’t stand it.

I’ve got friends currently sitting on vestries, family men, good people, good Anglicans. I asked them: “What does synod, CoGS, NIM, GWG, FMDC, APCI, house of bishops, a “parallel indigenous church”, and “experiential” mean? I got blank looks. They had no idea.

People just want to go to church on Sunday, worship, support the church community and go home. They have no interest in getting into rock fights with other Christians.

Who is taking us there? It’s not your rank and file members who pay the bills and fill the pews. It’s our leaders.

Wayne Smith


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