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Devotions for Christian unity

The subtitle says it all: Prayer and reflection texts for Christian reconciliation and unity.This collection of private and corporate devotion gathers resourcesfrom across the whole spectrum of Christianity from every age-RomanCatholic, Anglican, Orthodox through United, Baptist, Pentecostal. Itcarries the endorsement of Christian leaders from Saskatoon,Saskatchewan, home of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism.

The idyllic manger tableau doesn't reflect the first Christmas in Bethlehem, argues the author. Photo of artist Gerard van Honthorst's The Adoration of the Shepherds: The Yorck Project/Wikimedia Commons

The stark reality of Jesus’ birth

A few years ago, an English bishop suggested adding a bucket of fresh manure to the traditional Christmas decorations in churches, to remind people what the first Christmas was really like.

Church examines licensing law

St. Catharines, Ont. General Synod has begun the process of softening a canon or church law that allows a bishop to fire a priest for

Marriage canon relaxed

St. Catharines, Ont. Divorced Anglicans hoping to re-marry in church may soon have to deal only with their parish priest instead of having to apply

Suggestions for future

ELEVEN YEARS as Books Editor of the Anglican Journal have convinced me that the biblical author was right when he said “of making many books

Books for Lent

LENT BRINGS with it new books intended to deepen faith and enrich spirituality. Here is a selection of the best of this year’s offerings. The

Tale of a troublesome bishop

Nazareth, birthplace of Riah Abu El-Assal, Bishop of Jerusalem. PILGRIMS from North America to the Holy Land can be surprised to discover indigenous Christians there

Was baby Jesus ever spanked by Mommy?

MARY, tenderly holding the Christ-child in her arms, is an instantly recognizable icon of Christmas, even for the person of little or no faith. But

Suggestions for nourishing the mid-life soul

IN THIS BOOK, mid-life is “birth into life’s second journey.” The author, former host of the United Church’s Spirit Connection program on Vision TV, writes

Books honour 75 years of United Church

HERE ARE two books – one for adults, the other for children – honouring the 75th anniversary of the 1925 union that formed the United

Help for new volunteers

Vestry Members by Colleen McMahon 0 8192 1789 1 Choir Members by Nancy Roth 0 8192 1779 4 Lay Eucharistic Ministers by Beth Maynard 0

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