Anarchy prevailed in churches

Published February 1, 1999


The 12th Annual Renewal Mission ’99 will be held March 13-14 at St. Simon’s in North Vancouver. Guest speaker is Rev. David Hollebone, rector of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Victoria, B.C., whose theme will be Springs of Living Water. Cost is $25 ($30 after Feb. 28). For further information or to register, e-mail: Rev. Ed Hird at [email protected] or phone Adelle Easto at (604) 929-0542.

Children of the World Illustrate the Bible is a worldwide art competition open to children of all faiths and nationalities, sponsored by various ministries and agencies of the modern state of Israel in celebration of its first jubilee anniversary, as well as 2000 years of the Common Era marked by all nations of the world. Each illustration must include the artist’s name, his or her school or sponsoring organization, age, full home address, telephone number and a passport-size photo. The winners in Canada will be awarded a one-week trip to the Holy Land during December 1999 when the worldwide winner will be announced in Jerusalem. Entries will be judged according to age groups: 8 to 10, 10 to 13 and 13 to 16 years of age.

For full details and updated information visit this Web site:

Other contact information: mail to: Israel, P.O. Box 17075, Tel-Aviv, 61170; fax: 972-36478661; e-mail: [email protected]



Diocese of Nova Scotia

Rev. Mark Pretty, rector, St. Luke’s, Hubbards, Apr. 7/99.

Rev. James Speer, rector, Liscomb with Port Bickerton, Apr.15/99.

Rev. Marilyn Newport, diocesan health care chaplain, Halifax hospitals, May 1/99.



Diocese of Algoma

Rev. Canon Bain Peever, rector, Great Spirit Island Parish, Dec. 1/98.

Rev. Rosalie Goos, rector, St. Thomas, Bracebridge, Jan. 1/99.

Rev. Robert Elkin, rector, Holy Trinity, Sault Ste. Marie, May 15/99.

Diocese of Moosonee

Rev. Bryan Bjerring, executive archdeacon for the diocese, Timmins, Feb. 1.

Rev. Frank Gower, priest-in-charge (part-time), St. Peter’s-on-the-Rock, Kirkland Lake, and St. Paul’s , Virginiatown, Jan. 17.

Diocese of Huron

Rev. Greg Jenkins, rector, St. James’, Hanover and Trinity, Durham, Dec. 7/98.

Rev. Paul Millward, rector, St. Thomas’, Owen Sound, Dec. 7/98.

Diocese of Toronto

Rev. Elizabeth Morley, interim priest-in-charge, All Saints’, Collingwood, Jan. 1/99.








Diocese of New Westminster

Rev. Gordon Dominey, interim priest-in-charge, St. Michael’s, Vancouver, Jan. 1/99.

Rev. Ron Barnes, regional dean, New Westminster deanery, Jan. 1/99.

Rev. Ron Harrison, regional dean, Granville/Point Grey deanery, Jan. 1/99.

Rev. Celia Howard, rector, St. Catherine’s, Port Coquitlam, Jan. 1/99.

Notice: Appointments may be e-mailed to: [email protected]



In our January article regarding the Sabeel conference in Ottawa (Jews Upset at Remarks) the name of the founder and director of Sabeel, an ecumenical centre for Palestinian liberation theology in Jerusalem, was incorrectly spelled. His name is Canon Naim Ateek.







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