Anglican Appeal on its way to meeting goal

Published January 1, 1999

There’s good news and bad news on the fundraising front. The Anglican Appeal is well on its way to meeting its $950,000 goal but the Anglican Journal may not raise the full $100,000 it budgeted for.

 “We are optimistic we are going to meet our goal this year,” said Gail Holland, co-ordinator of the Anglican Appeal. By the first week in December, $761,000 had been raised.

 The Appeal sends money to partner churches overseas to support theological training in seminaries, and also helps scholarship students come to Canada for training.

 “It’s easy to forget the effect one trained clergyperson can have in a town,” Ms. Holland said, noting that clergy can often be community leaders who work for human rights and social programs in addition to preaching in a church.

 The appeal also helps fund administrative work for Volunteers in Mission and supports dioceses in the Council of the North.

 Meanwhile, the Journal appeal is at 70 per cent of its goal, said business manager Larry Gee. The appeal began five years ago to help replace reduced national funding. As advertising revenue has declined in the last three years and national funding continues at its 1993 level, the appeal revenue is very important, Mr. Gee said.

 The Journal splits the proceeds with diocesan newspapers, 26 of which are participating this year, most on an equal share basis. Over the last four appeals, more than $235,000 was returned to diocesan papers.


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