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Motion on same-sex blessing withdrawn

Speaker after speaker expressed profound regret that the Cariboo synod had failed to vote on a motion considering blessing the union of same-sex couples. Resolutions

Cariboo ‘toast,’ synod is told

Acutely aware of the eyes of the Canadian Anglican Church and of those of the worldwide communion on what is likely to be their last

Media spotlight shines on Anglican Church

Fredericton Until recently, the Anglican Church of Canada didn’t need to worry much about a communications strategy for the simple reason that the mainstream press

MP raises financial case of churches in House

A New Democratic Member of Parliament has raised in the House of Commons the financial situation of Canada’s Christian churches over the residential schools lawsuits.

New church for Inuvik

The federal government, not aboriginal plaintiffs, is behind many of the residential schools claims facing the Anglican Church. Tony Merchant, a Saskatchewan-based lawyer who represents

Church fund helps abused heal

Told that some people suggest aboriginals should forget about the unhappy legacy of residential schools and get on with life, Donna Bomberry smiles. “We’d like

Church may appeal share of damages

The Anglican Church has paid the victim in the first residential schools judgment against the church. The General Synod — the church’s national body —

Church on hook for abuse

One Canadian Anglican diocese may declare bankruptcy and a second is facing “grave” financial difficulties as lawsuits over Native residential schools progress through the courts.

Priest forecasts church’s demise

A Toronto-area priest says God has withdrawn his blessing from the Anglican Church, particularly because of its dalliance with homosexuality, and is letting it kill

Peace-building needed in Iraq

Archbishop Michael Peers has spoken out against the recent military strikes by the United States and Britain in Iraq, urging the Canadian government to use

Anarchy prevailed in churches

Calendar The 12th Annual Renewal Mission ’99 will be held March 13-14 at St. Simon’s in North Vancouver. Guest speaker is Rev. David Hollebone, rector

Director had strong sense of justice

Robin Neil Gibson, 45, director of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund since 1993, died of cancer at his home in Toronto on Dec.

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