Vianney Carriere


"To seek silence is to seek God; to love silence, to learn the beauty of stillness, is to invite God to touch us and our lives." - Text and photo by Vianney Carriere.

Sheer silence

Silence is something like one’s good health. It is most prized when abruptly taken away, most cherished when suddenly recovered, when, as with the rush of light, we suddenly realize that we have been deprived of it for a long time. Then as it returns, a wealth of rediscovered feelings comes with it. Silence begins as something external and it becomes a state of being.

A glimpse of the unexplainable

The most tempting mistake when one looks at an event like the 1994 genocide in Rwanda is to think that if you talk to all

We have much to build, much to build on

This marks the final editorial by Vianney Carriere, who is now General Synod’s acting director of communications (see story in Canada). THE PRIMATE has called

Our divided bishops: Sympathy and regret

It might be possible – or relatively easy – to feel sympathy for the house of bishops’ failure after three days of discussion, to come

Email election procedure rescinded

Montreal The Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, which earlier this year broke new ground and gained international attention by electing its archbishop by e-mail, has rescinded

What would follow a pact with Ottawa?

It seems fair, doesn?t it, that at the end of a long, painful trek through a wilderness, there be a clear sense of direction and

Cabinet to consider Anglican proposal

Federal Public Works Minister Ralph Goodale has agreed to take an offer by the Anglican group negotiating with Ottawa over liability for native residential schools

General Synod not a priority

A survey conducted by the Environics consulting firm that describes how Canadian Anglicans feel about their church and details the issues they think important shows

Our stories must be told more aggressively

The Environics survey of how Anglicans feel about several major issues (which is reported elsewhere in this edition) is described in its subtitle as “A

John Rye: Love of mission, love for Africa

Canon John Rye, mission coordinator for Africa and the Middle East, shown in Madagascar during his last official trip before retirement. Watching John Rye at

A new face to lead a fractious communion

Let us pray for Rowan Williams. The primate of Wales, appointed 104th Archbishop of Canterbury inherits the spiritual helm of a communion that at first

The ‘letters to the editor’ page

THE letters to the editor that appear in the Anglican Journal are a representative sample of those received over the weeks leading up to publication.

Only new leadership will end the violence

THIS EDITION OF the Journal goes to press as the world watches a rapid and deathly serious escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As of this

Who does Archbishop of Canterbury lead?

THE SECOND page of the Anglican Journal last month included standard “head and shoulders” photographs of the three men reputed to be the most likely

Religious freedom vs freedom from religion

THE DISCUSSION that has swirled around the remarks the primate, Archbishop Michael Peers, addressed to a New Year’s Day congregation in Ottawa actually reflects a

Stalled negotiations call for new strategy

The Church enters a new year in the saga of residential schools lawsuits and seemingly endless talks with the federal government aimed at finding some

Journal to grow

The Council of General Synod has approved an amendment to the 2002 budget to allow the Anglican Journal to move up to a base size

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