Church playing a limited role

Published February 1, 1999

Church playing a limited role

(ENI)- The Russian Orthodox Church has not withdrawn its membership in the World Council of Churches.

At a December meeting of the of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod in Moscow, it was decided to limit the church’s particpation in the WCC.

This decision will remain in effect until a WCC special commission, appointed to examine Orthodox concerns around participation in the WCC reports on its findings.

The Russian Orthodox Church will particpate fully with the commission.

For now, Russian Orthodox members of the WCC executive and central committees will attend meetings, but they will not participate in general discussion or voting.

Japanese women ordained

Rev. Margaret Yoshiko is Japan’s first woman priest. She had been a deacon in the Chubu Diocese for 21 years. She was ordained by Bishop Francis Tashaiki Mori of Chubu diocese.

After the ceremony, Ms. Shibukawa greeted the congregation, saying she had never imagined this would happen in her lifetime.

In 1998, General Synod in Japan voted to ordain women, after more than a year of discussion.

Christians attacked

(ENI)- The National Council of Churches in India has strongly condemned attacks on Christians over Christmas. It has called on the government to protect the country’s Christians, who represent 2.3 per cent of India’s population.

The incidents, including attacks on priests and pastors, and the burning of church property, ocurred in north-western India.


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