What about a ‘Happy Meal’ after Sunday services?

Published December 1, 2004

Dear editor,

Re: “Churches have much to learn from Golden Arches” (October Journal).

Much to learn, is right. Years ago, while I was going through a very difficult period, I attended an Anglican church service every Sunday morning for two years. In all that time, not one member of that congregation spoke to me unless I spoke first. Not one of those Christians could be bothered to introduce themselves to me, or even ask my name. That same church refused to marry my fiance and me because we were divorces. The Anglicans should try another Golden Arches feature: Put on a happy meal after Sunday cervices. Incidentally, we had no trouble getting married in the United Church of Canada, which, like myself, accepts the ethics, but not the theology, bells and whistles of the mainline denominations.

William Bedford



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