Theological schools face uncertainty

Published April 1, 2004

A financial crisis facing Saskatoon’s St. Andrew’s College, a theological school serving the United Church of Canada, is creating “uncertainty” about the future of the partnership that it has with the Anglican College of Emmanuel and St. Chad and the Lutheran Theological Seminary.

“It’s affecting us in the sense that it has created chaos and uncertainty about the future of our partnership,” according to Walter Deller, principal of Emmanuel and St. Chad.

The three colleges agreed in 2000 to a partnership that would include having a common facility on the University of Saskatchewan campus by 2005. St. Andrew’s has suffered a yearly budget deficit of about $200,000 since 2000 due to a reduced return on investments, low enrolment, and a reduced grant from the United church.

Bishop Duncan Wallace of Qu’ Appelle, who is chancellor of Emmanuel and St. Chad, said he hopes that the partnership continues. However, he said, “even without St. Andrew’s we will continue with our partnership with the Lutheran Theological Seminary.”


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