Bishop William Gerald Burch

Published March 1, 2004

Bishop William Gerald Burch, who was described as a “gentle man who radiated love, caring, humour and wisdom” and who led the diocese of Edmonton from 1960 to 1976, died in October at the age of 92.

“He was graced with a peaceful end to a life rich in blessings both given and received,” read the death notice placed by his family. Born in Winnipeg, Bishop Burch earned a BA degree from the University of Toronto and was a graduate in theology from Wycliffe College at that university. In 1957, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Wycliffe.

In 1936, he was ordained deacon in Toronto by Archbishop Derwyn Owen of Toronto, who was then also primate of all Canada. In 1960, he was elected bishop suffragan of Edmonton.

In the intervening years, he served parishes in Toronto, Winnipeg, Windsor, Ont. and London, Ont. He also served as dean of All Saints’ Cathedral in Edmonton.

His wife, the former Carroll Borrowman, predeceased him in 1995. He is survived by four daughters.


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