The overlooked heroes

Published September 1, 2002

Dear editor, At the time of writing it is almost nine months since the ?day of the towers? on Sept. 11, 2001. Much has been sung of the heroes: policemen, firemen, rescue workers, construction workers and all other volunteers. They have without a doubt deserved every word of the praise that has been said of them. Sadly there is one group that has been overlooked and gone totally unsung. I am referring to ministers of religion ? priests, rabbis and all ministers of different denominations ? who stood by virtually unseen in the thick of the action that day to render any comfort and rites that were necessary and wanted by those suffering in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. I recall one of the most poignant scenes shown on television. A black minister stood amidst the rubble wearing his collar and a facemask and waiting for whatever might come next. I think that this scene brought home the absolute dedication of these heroes who brought spiritual sustenance to their fellow beings wherever the situation happened to be. It is long overdue that some type of recognition be given to this group. K. Woolnough Montreal


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