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Published October 1, 2005

Editor’s Note:

As the Anglican Journal marks its 130th anniversary, we would like to hear from readers: what were your favourite stories and features? What has the newspaper meant to you as an Anglican? In the coming issues, we will feature some of your recollections. Please write to [email protected] or Letters, Anglican Journal, 80 Hayden St., Toronto ON, M4Y 3G2.Reflecting back as a 40-year-old, the Journal has been a constant part of my life. I often hear my mom refer to the Book of Common Prayer as a “comfort” when she was in her youth; the Journal was the same for myself. I recall my parents thoroughly reading it at the dinner table, remarking on the current issues of the day, female clerics and the “new” rites.

I would rummage through those well-read pages, often picking out stories of our worldwide communion. In retrospect, the Journal was a window to the Anglican world. As a teen I remember once thinking how very diverse we all are, with arguments and varied interpretations, yet together. Maybe, in part, I felt called to priestly ministry wanting a role in this broad church of ours, due to the Journal and what it articulated so very well.

Rev. Douglas Painter

Florenceville, N.B.

Rose DeShaw fan

I remember the columns of Rose DeShaw (1971-1990). I used to cut them out regularly.

Is there any chance you could rerun some?

A.C. MacDowell

Pointe Claire, Que.

Graceful writer

About 50 years ago, I, a staunch member of another Christian denomination, married an Anglican and became a reluctant member of his communion, with little knowledge or appreciation of Anglicanism.

Church attendance, friendships with fellow Anglicans, and detailed reading of the Journal, have helped me to form a love and appreciation for the Anglican Church, which I would never imagined to be possible.

Rose DeShaw was and still is my favourite writer. She wrote with grace, and I welcome this belated opportunity to tell her so.

Carole Whitehead

Bolton, Ont.


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