PWRDF studies incorporation

Published April 1, 2000

The Primate?s World Relief and Development Fund continues to work towards incorporation as a non-governmental organization, separate from the Anglican Church of Canada.

But director Andrew Ignatieff stresses the connection between the two bodies will continue to be strong. ?We want to reaffirm that this is a faith-based organization closely linked to the Anglican Church of Canada.?

It will be stated in the incorporation document that ?although we are an autonomous non-governmental organization, we are the expression of the mission of the Anglican Church, and we work in close co-operation with the church.?

The incorporation idea was brought to Council of General Synod last November, partly as a way to ensure donations continue to be used towards the development work of the fund, rather than being diverted to pay legal bills and settlements.

Some members of council expressed concerns that the Primate?s Fund might no longer fall under the authority of the church; others feared the move might be seen as an effort to run away from the church?s financial obligations to aboriginals who have launched lawsuits against the church. A decision was put off until May?s council meeting.

?We?re not running anywhere,? Mr. Ignatieff said. ?We?re staying and working with the church in its three challenges, in healing, reconciliation and survival.? Mr. Ignatieff has been working with a task force and consulting with groups and lawyers over details of incorporating.


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