Proposals for cross-species blessings

Published December 1, 2002

Dear editor,

I might be simplifying this a bit here but I thought I should just put in my two cents’ worth about the New Westminster issue. How is it that a church which has no trouble with parishes which hold blessings of animals – bringing in cats, dogs, birds, turtles, snakes and other assorted creatures – can be so divided over a simple blessing of same-sex unions?

We’re not talking about recognising this union or performing a marriage ceremony but only a blessing. If we can bless elevators for the handicapped in a new parish hall, or bless the school bus, which will carry parishioners on a picnic outing, why can’t we bless two individuals who have made a commitment to each other?

Marcel de Hetre

Rethink approach?

Dear editor,

Having followed the Anglican Church?s struggle with giving its blessing to same-sex love, I found it fascinating to see your November 2002 cover photo piece (?Furry Congregation?) in which Eileen Haig?s two llamas, Bailey and Bianca, receive the blessings of the church.

Perhaps the gay contingent in the Anglican Church’s congregations need to re-think their approach (attempt acceptance as ‘a different species’ – perhaps from somewhere in South America?)

It seems a significant number of Anglican Church members have fewer problems accepting llamas than love shared between two of their own species.

Neil A Hodgins
Windsor, Ont.


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