Private school offers scholarship for sons of clergy

Published February 8, 2012

Upper Canada College wants boys from clerical families to benefit from its programs. Photo: Andy Lee

What do historian Henry Scadding, humorist Stephen Leacock, sports broadcaster Foster Hewitt and media baron Conrad Black have in common?  All were  “old boys” of venerable Upper Canada College (UCC), Ontario’s most prestigious all-male private school. 

Scadding, who later became an Anglican clergyman, was the school’s first student when it opened its doors back in 1829.

Although UCC has no religious affiliation, it has revived its former tradition of offering full boarding scholarships to the sons of clergy from rural Canada-thanks to a generous endowment from an anonymous Anglican benefactor.

Worth about $50,000 annually, the stipend is available to a boy of any denomination or faith entering UCC from Grade 9 through to Grade11 and lasts through to his graduation, at which point a new candidate is found. “We’d like to see more sons of ministers take advantage of all the opportunities UCC offers,” says David Shaw, the school’s recruitment officer. The school features the challenging two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

For more information, go to or call 416 488 1125, ext. 3371.


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