Prayer for a bishop

Published March 1, 2007

The diocese of Ottawa has put prayer at the heart of its process to elect a new bishop March 24. Since the start of the new year, the diocese has encouraged local Anglicans to pray “for God’s will to be done in selecting the new bishop.”

“We ask you to summon our dreams and our courage. We pray for realism in our discernment and the willingness to meet this challenge,” said one weekly prayer. “We pray for the ability to listen to one another and to your voice in our midst. Ground us in common love and Spirit.”

The series of prayers, prepared by the Ottawa Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, was printed in weekly bulletins, offered at worship services, and also distributed via the diocesan e-mail list.

The new co-adjutor bishop succeeds Bishop Peter Coffin, who has announced his retirement effective this summer. At press time, there were eight candidates. The new bishop, to be consecrated in May, will take part in the national church’s General Synod in Winnipeg in June.


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