Population trends

Published September 1, 2003

Aware of rapid population growth in the diocese of Toronto, Archbishop Terence Finlay has launched an in-depth study of demographic trends in the diocese.

The year-long analysis ? the first in more than a decade ? will be led by Myrlene Boken, a consultant based in Churchill, Ont., who led a similar investigation for the diocese in 1991. Ms. Boken also conducted similar studies for the diocese of Niagara in 1999 and the diocese of Calgary last year. She said she expects to deliver her findings to the diocese of Toronto by May of 2004. However, she will compile information about the York-Simcoe and York episcopal areas, where the church is struggling to serve rising populations, as early as the fall.

?This is all about growth and opportunities for growth. It will give congregations the tools they need to discern their own future,? said Ms. Boken, who serves as rector?s warden at St. Peter?s, Churchill.


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