New method of calculating financial support for national church work approved

Published April 1, 1999

Proportional giving, in which dioceses will give to the national church based on their total diocesan income rather than total parish income, will be implemented for the fiscal year 2000. The Council of the General Synod gave the green light to the new formula after hearing from a proportional giving task force on work done to develop a diocesan revenue report form. Proportional giving was approved in principle at last year’s General Synod which asked the task force to ensure the method of reporting the revenue base for giving was fair and consistent amongst dioceses. Task force chair, Rob Dickson, told council the standardized form which will be used by dioceses is based on discussions with dioceses and on “extensive review and discussion” at last November’s financial officers conference. The key to developing the new system of giving was built on the “goodwill of the constituency,” Mr. Dickson said. A gradual implementation is part of the new system with a built-in capacity to monitor and adjust during a five-year transition period. Dioceses now below the new proportional giving level are expected to plan to attain the new level. Dioceses currently giving above the suggested proportion will be asked to maintain their current level during the five-year transition period.


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