Michael McAteer


Atheists can be spiritual beings, book argues

Award-winning Toronto architect Gerald Robinson is an adjunct professor of theology, in the divinity faculty at the University of Toronto’s Trinity College.

Palestinian bishop pleads for support

East Jerusalem Three luxury coaches stand empty outside the Novotel hotel waiting for members of the River States of Nigeria Holy Christian Pilgrimage to take

Sorrento campaigns to wipe out debt

The Sorrento Centre in British Columbia has launched a $500,000 campaign to wipe out its accumulated debt. The centre, which registered the highest number of

Decisions may affect residential schools suits

Two Supreme Court of Canada rulings on vicarious liability have added yet another turn to the legal labyrinth surrounding the residential schools issue. An employer

Ethnic cleansing’ feared in church

It has been 14 years since the Book of Alternative Services appeared on the horizon. Now, with General Synod needing to make a decision in

Prayer Book Society director let go

The Prayer Book Society of Canada is planning a September special meeting to discuss its future direction in the wake of losing the services of

Calgary diocese faces three school lawsuits

Three new lawsuits have been added to the growing number of claims against the Anglican Church by former residential school students. The latest claims involve

Lawsuits threaten church’s future

A steady increase in the number of residential schools lawsuits has led to growing concerns about the church’s future financial health and its ability to

Council airs varying views on Journal

Depending on who is doing the talking, the Anglican Journal is a left-wing rag that muzzles conservative voices or an outlet for right-wing ideas and

Faith Today changes, loses editor

Proposed changes in a review of Faith Today’s “mission statement” have prompted the magazine’s managing editor to leave after three and a half years at

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