Liberia faces ‘huge task’

Published April 1, 2004

Liberia faces a “huge task ahead” but has turned a corner after its 14-year civil war, according to Gyude Bryant, a long-time lay leader in Liberia’s Episcopal (Anglican) church, who now heads the country’s transitional government.

“We are convinced we will rebuild,” Mr. Bryant told U.S. church leaders and representatives at a recent meeting in New York’s Episcopal Church Center. Mr. Bryant took up office last October as chairman of the two-year transitional government that will help lay a foundation for national elections in 2005.

He was in New York for a two-day United Nations conference that aimed to raise funds to rebuild the devastated West African country where the civil war is believed to have resulted in 200,000 deaths and to have uprooted 500,000 persons.


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