Letters to the editor, November 2019

Published November 20, 2019

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Only God knows the whole truth on matters of marriage

The vote has been cast at General Synod on the marriage issue. The result has caused much pain to many people.

Most of us have hidden agendas when we marry. This is true both of heterosexual and homosexual people, so who amongst us is to cast the first stone? None of us fully exemplifies the love of God in truth. We are all forgiven sinners, disciples on a way. To use the language of Jesus, the “log” in our own eye is enough to deal with.

Let us go ahead and let both kinds of couples marry. Only God knows the whole truth. Or, as has been suggested, let the church get out of the marrying business.

To cite what Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh said during General Synod, quoting their father, “Remember, the kingdom of God and the Anglican church are not the same thing.”

John Serjeantson
Cowansville, Que.

Forgetting Stackhouse?

I’m surprised the Rev. Reginald Stackhouse (1925-2016, a parliamentarian, priest and Canadian Churchman columnist) did not make the list in “REV MP” (October 2019, p.14). After all, he was an important part of your publication in an earlier form. How soon we forget!

Ross McLean
Diocese of Algoma

‘Failure’ headline problematic

The headline “Marriage vote failure ripples through church” (September 2019, p. 1) may appear to some to betray a lack of objectivity in reporting and arguably incites what is already an incendiary situation.

It is far from neutral language to characterize the vote at General Synod as a “failure.” Such language is unfair to both sides of this divisive issue as it gives the appearance of bias. The Anglican Journal should at least appear to report for all Anglicans, regardless of its writer’s personal views. How this passed editorial consideration is confounding at best.

Timothy Byron
Fort McMurray, Alberta

On speculation of motives

Speculating or alleging motive on the part of an opponent in discussion or debate has never been accepted as good practice. The way of Christ requires introspection.
I wonder if the Rev. Michelle Ferguson, in the letter “Bishops heeded God’s will” (September 2019, p. 5), has carefully and prayerfully considered who in fact are “those…determined to have their own way.”

F. David Rounthwaite
Toronto, Ont.


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