Letters to the editor, November 2018

Published November 1, 2018

Letters are subject to editing.

Memoir of grandson’s death sheds light on overdose crisis

I want to thank the Rev. Adela Torchia for writing about the loss of her grandson, Gordon, to a drug overdose (Good night, sweet prince, Sept. 2018, p. 5). Her realistic descriptions combined with her tender remembrances allowed the reader to feel a part of the journey taken by her young grandson. By sharing her experience and putting a human, identifiable face to this tragedy, she has allowed some of us on the periphery to understand more about those getting swept away in this tsunami of hopelessness.

Maybe by talking about this more openly, our society (and the church) will see a way forward to helping save these beautiful young lives.

Anne Rennie

Accumulating wealth not a Christian problem

In reply to Bishop Mark MacDonald’s warning on accumulating wealth (Two warnings, Sept. 2018, p. 5): in my church experience, I have never found the accumulation of wealth to be a Christian problem. I remember two churches in downtown Toronto with wealthy congregations that developed a very successful  “Out of the Cold” program and food bank. All would not have been possible without the funding by wealthy people within the congregations. It is not the accumulation of wealth that is a sin, but what you do with that wealth after it has been given to you. Every congregation wants successful financial people within their congregations. We all have different talents, and if one of the talents is to make money, then praise the Lord. Always remembering, of course, from where the talents came.

Graham Wright
Victoria Beach, N.S.


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