Hollywood buys rights to book

Published December 1, 1998

Longtime Yellowknifer and now deputy prolocutor of the Council of General Synod, Diane Brookes, has published her second children’s book, introducing children to astronomy while entertaining them.

The Man in the Moon tells the story of how only the sun and the moon were in the sky many years ago.

The man in the moon removes some of his extra clothing to escape the insufferable heat. He accidentally creates other planets because the clothing he throws off becomes rounder and rounder and begins spinning around the sun.

Even Earth is created, which gives him much needed shade.

The illustrations are by fellow Yellowknifer Ann Timmins, who uses a rainbow of colours, somewhat reminiscent of the northern lights.

Ms. Brookes said film rights for the story have been optioned by Tri-Laurel Productions in Los Angeles, which is considering turning the book into an animated 90-minute musical.

The Man in the Moon is Ms. Brookes’ first book published by her own business, Raven Rock Publishing.


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