Essentials warning

Published March 1, 2007

The bishop of Brandon, Jim Njegovan, said “nothing has changed” regarding his assent to a resolution that was recently passed by the diocesan synod permitting Essentials Manitoba, a conservative Anglican group, to hold meetings in parishes, with the approval of the rector and wardens.

Bishop Njegovan made the comment following a published report that he had written to clergy in his diocese after the synod; his letter, dated Nov. 2, appeared to instruct them not to allow such meetings in their parishes. He wrote, “I hope that I do not need to remind you that in your ordination promises you state that you will respect and be guided by the pastoral direction and leadership of your bishop.”

Bishop Njegovan told the Anglican Journal that the letter was intended to advise clergy “to check out with the bishop” if they had any questions about the matter. Asked whether it meant adopting his own critical position regarding Essentials, Bishop Njegovan said, “I don’t think it’s that simple. It’s basically saying that as clergy we are under vows of obedience and have the obligation to follow the paths of direction and guidance of our bishop.”

In his letter, Bishop Njegovan stated that “to date no one has shown me any example of how Essentials Manitoba or Essentials Canada is building up the family of God within the diocese of Brandon or within the national church and I see it doing just the opposite.”


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