Published June 1, 2002

Mississauga, Ont. The Anglican Journal, which was incorporated earlier this year, has a newly elected board of directors to oversee its operations. The board members were elected by the Council of General Synod, which met here in May. Members are:

  • Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, diocese of Montreal
  • Bishop Don Young, diocese of Central Newfoundland, former diocesan editor Newfoundland Churchman (now known as Anglican Life)
  • Archdeacon Jim Boyles, General Secretary, Anglican Church of Canada
  • Rev. Canon Peter Davison, former member of Information Resources Committee (1998-2001)
  • Rev. Keith Denman, former member of IRC (1998-2001)
  • Rev. Brian Pearson, author, current member IRC/Journal subcommittee
  • Rev. Ed Lewis, former diocesan newspaper editor, IRC/Journal subcommittee
  • Rev. Rob Towler, IRC/Journal subcommittee
  • Lorie Chortyk, former editor of Topic (diocese of New Westminster); assisted with media relations in the General Synod newsroom
  • Ana Watts, editor, New Brunswick Anglican (diocese of Fredericton)
  • Sue Becker-Davidson, former editor, Crosstalk (diocese of Ottawa)
  • Molly Wolf, author, General Synod member


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