Anglican primates meet in Canterbury

Published May 1, 2002

Canterbury, U.K.

Thirty-five of the 38 Anglican primates from around the world met in Canterbury for a week, beginning April 10. They stayed in Canterbury Cathedral’s International Study Centre, which was founded by St Augustine in about 597.

The Archbishops and their staff were scheduled to meet in private to share prayer and reflection and to discuss issues facing Christianity in the 21st Century. They were also present when the new residential wing of the Centre was opened.

The Dean of Canterbury, Rev. Robert Willis, said today: “We are delighted, together with the Archbishop of Canterbury, to welcome the primates of the Anglican Communion. The new International Study Centre enables the archbishops from all over the world to come and be our guests at the cathedral. We wish them well with their studies an discussions and are delighted to be offering hospitality to so many people, most of whom have travelled great distances to come here. Canterbury Cathedral has been seen as the mother church of the Anglican Communion for many years and this meeting of Archbishops underlines the special place that Canterbury has in the hearts of all Anglicans.”


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