Diocese of Nova Scotia settles lawsuit in abuse case

Published April 1, 2000

A man sexually abused by Anglican clergy in Nova Scotia more than 20 years ago has reached a settlement with the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

According to the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Glenn Alan Johnson launched a suit against Wayne Lynch and Michael Boyd, the diocese, two Nova Scotia parishes and the Anglican Church of Canada. The church?s general secretary, Jim Boyles, said, however, that the national church has not received a statement of claim on the case.

Mr. Lynch pleaded guilty to indecent assault last January and is serving a two-year conditional sentence. He is no longer licensed to function as a priest in Canada. Mr. Boyd comes to trial in May on indecent assault charges.

?While the church does not accept legal responsibility for the actions of the clergy involved, it does acknowledge that harm done to Mr. Johnson and his right to seek legal redress for the abuse suffered,? said Archbishop Arthur Peters of the diocese, in a statement.

?We regret what was done and throughout this process, we have been concerned for his well-being.?

The amount of the settlement is confidential.

The diocese has been continuing to revise its policies and it expects to release new policies this spring, ?clarifying what is expected of those responsible for children and vulnerable adults.?

The archbishop said, ?We have a responsibility to ensure safety for people participating in church-related activities. And beyond the church community itself, we have a role to play to encourage other institutions, and society in general, to address attitudes which may create an atmosphere in which abuse could occur. In this role, the church should in fact lead by example.?


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