Colleges regognize faithful with honorary degrees

Published May 1, 2007

A number of Anglicans will soon be receiving honorary doctorates from various universities across Canada:  

?    Archdeacon Larry Beardy of the Anglican diocese of Keewatin, will receive a doctor of divinity from the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad during its annual convocation on May 4. He is being honoured for his work on education for First Nations peoples and for his participation as member of the residential schools negotiation team for the Anglican Church of Canada. Archdeacon Beardy has been involved with the University of the North in Thompson, Man., and as principal of the Dr. William Winter School of Ministry in Kingfisher Lake, Ont. Ordained a deacon in 1999, and a priest in 2000, Archdeacon Beardy has been a member of the Council of General Synod since 2004.  

?    Bishop Derek Hoskin of the diocese of Calgary, Bishop Patrick Yu, suffragan (assistant) bishop of the diocese of Toronto, and Rev. Alister McGrath, will receive honorary doctorates in divinity from Toronto’s Wycliffe College, at its convocation on May 13. Bishop Hoskin, an alumnus of the college (1972), is being recognized for having been “a successful parish priest and administrator with important pastoral and conciliatory gifts.” Bishop Yu, an alumnus twice over (1981 and 1987), and an adjunct professor of pastoralia, is being recognized with an honorary doctor of divinity for having been “a successful parish priest with an interest and gifts in parish renewal.” Mr. McGrath, who will also receive an honorary doctor of divinity, is being recognized for being “one of the major systematic theologians working today.” Author of the three-volume Scientific Theology, he was, until recently, principal of Wycliffe’s sister school, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.  

?    Rev. Robert Darwin Crouse and Margo Pullen Sly from the University of King’s College in Halifax on May 19.  Mr. Crouse will receive a doctor of divinity and is being recognized as “an internationally-recognized medieval scholar who has contributed greatly to the development of modern King’s.” Educated at King’s, Toronto’s Trinity College, and Harvard University, he went on to teach at Bishop’s College, Dalhousie University and King’s. He has been a visiting professor of patristics at The Pontifical Patristics Institute, the Augustinianum in Rome, Italy – the first non-Roman Catholic to do so. Currently a member of the Primate’s Theological Commission, he assists in the parishes of Petite Riviere and New Dublin, near his  home in Crousetown, N.S.  Ms. Pullen Sly, who will be made an honorary fellow of the College, retired from King’s last year after serving as assistant to four Presidents over a 20-year period. “During this period, she provided an important point of continuity as the College went through some dramatic changes,” the College said in a statement. “For many visitors and friends of the College, Ms. Pullen Sly was the face of King’s.  

?    Rev. Timothy Sale, a priest in the diocese of Rupert’s Land, will receive an honorary doctor of divinity degree from St. John’s (Anglican) College in Winnipeg on Nov. 4 for his “strong leadership in furthering the causes of health, education and social justice in Manitoba.” Mr. Sale was chief executive officer of Winnipeg’s Social Planning Council, and has served as an elected member of the Provincial Legislative Assembly since 1995.


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