Churches going green

Published March 1, 2007

Some Ontario churches, temples and mosques have pledged to work together to reduce the energy consumption in their places of worship with the help of Faith & the Common Good (FCG) and Green Communities Canada (GCC).

The two non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental concerns recently met with representatives from various faith communities to plan the creation of a “single service package deal” that can ensure large scale energy reductions within the year.

“By combining our strengths, we can ensure that the 6,000 religious buildings in Ontario become shining examples of how to cut down on usage of electricity and fossil fuels,” said Ted Reeve, FCG executive director.

“All religious buildings can do something to reduce their energy use, which will save them money and prevent global warming,” said Cecil Ramnauth, whose Hindu temple Devi Mandir has received an energy audit from Green$aver, the GCC agency serving the Greater Toronto Area. For more information, contact Faith & the Common Good at (416) 978-5306 or visit the Web site, Opens external link in new


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