Church will disappear

Published April 1, 2004

The diocese of Fredericton has decided to tear down St. Anne’s church in the parish of Musquash, but not everyone is happy about it.

Midge Thompson, chair of the St. Anne’s preservation committee, has asked the diocese to reverse a decision made by parish vestry to demolish the church and to erect a monument in its place, according to the Telegraph-Journal. In 1983, the newspaper reported, Dorothy Fritz left a bequest of $25,000 for the upkeep of historic St. Anne’s church; Ms. Thompson said she was “horrified” to learn that the interest from that bequest could now go toward the demolition of the 1831-built landmark.

Parish rector and vestry chair Rev. Bonnie Baird said the decision to tear down the church was made based on an engineer’s report and “after much discussion over several years.”


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