Church leadership is just like a herd of cattle

Published March 1, 2009

Dear editor,
I read each issue of the Anglican Journal within days of receiving it in my mailbox. I eagerly read it, looking for signs that Jesus Christ is present in what is written on the pages. Unfortunately, what I find has much more resemblance to the herd of cows I just finished feeding.

The cow with the hardest head gets the best hay because she is able to beat off the rest. That is life in the animal kingdom and seems to be life for the leadership of the Anglican Church of Canada: Do it my way or I will go build my own church.

Jesus Christ brought us into contact with the kingdom of God. Jesus even taught his disciples to pray: “Let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.” Signs of the kingdom of God in the Anglican church leadership are few and far between. Signs of God are alive and well among those sitting in the pews, and the leadership is well advised to leave their animal kingdom and seek the kingdom of God.
Angus Muir
Vanderhoof, B.C.


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