Church groups benefit from lawyer’s will

Published September 1, 2001

Reginald H. Soward, who earned the nickname “Mr. Anglican” for his years of involvement in leadership positions in the Anglican Church of Canada, left the bulk of his $9.2 million estate to various church entities.

Mr. Soward, a lawyer who died last April at the age of 93, made various bequests to family members and friends.

He also left about $2 million each to the diocese of Toronto, the Anglican Foundation, Wycliffe College (affiliated with the University of Toronto) and the church of St. Timothy (North) in Toronto.

Mr. Soward served as chancellor and as prolocutor of General Synod and as solicitor of the diocese of Toronto’s synod.

He was a member of General Synod from the diocese of Toronto for 43 years and was a founding director of the Anglican Foundation.

He received the Anglican Award of Merit in 1987. Staff


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