Board dismisses complaint against British Columbia dean

Published June 1, 2002

The British Columbia Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint of sexual harassment against Dean John Wright of Christ Church Cathedral of the diocese of British Columbia.

The complaint was lodged against the dean and diocese by a former secretary at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria who was not satisfied with the diocesan investigation of her allegations. Dean Wright has undergone psychological testing and counselling, according to the diocese.

The human rights commission said it felt the matter had been dealt with adequately by the diocese and there was no reasonable basis to warrant proceeding further.

In 1999, at the same time as the secretary?s complaint, parents of students at the cathedral school complained to Bishop Barry Jenks that Dean Wright had made inappropriate, sexually-suggestive remarks in front of the students.

Dean Wright was not asked to step down, but a diocesan review committee in 2001 directed that he remove himself from daily operations of the cathedral school and apologize to the complainants.


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