Jeanie Keogh


Belgians gather in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange, to remember victims of the March 22 bomb attacks in Brussels. Photo: CRM/Shutterstock

After the Brussels attacks, despair and hope

Two days after Palm Sunday, Holy Week was marred by twin terror attacks in Brussels. As an expat Canadian who works five minutes from Maelbeek metro station where one attack took place, I was struck in the heart by these horrific events.


It was one of those moments I shall never forget. It came at the end of a beautiful liturgy commemorating the 100th anniversary of setting

Try hard

The Five Marks of Mission To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom To teach, baptize and nurture new believers To respond to human need

The sounds of hope

St. John the Baptist Church, CubaPhoto: Andrea Mann In Palma Soriano in Cuba, there is a house that sits next to the ruins of a

Reset the relationship

In one armchair was seated the prime minister, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper; in the other, the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations,


Father Michael LapsleyPhoto: Marites Sison It was Sunday evening. The House of Bishops was gathering for its fall 2011 meeting at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Happy Christmas’

That’s the title of an old hand-stitched silk bookmark tucked in the prayer book my dad gave my mother in 1969.The text reads: “Rise, happy

My solemn vow

In my lifetime I have made a number of solemn vows-in marriage, in ordination and in installation to various offices in the church. Some months


I will not forget Jack Layton’s state funeral in Toronto in August. As the national anthem was sung, we were united in grief and pride

A birthday to remember

It was a sight to behold: six hundred cupcakes held high in the air, each one lit in honour of a birthday. The setting was


Hannah is a friend of mine who lives in Fort McPherson in the Northwest Territories. As a deacon, she ministers in the Parish of St.

This fragile earth

In my prayers for “this fragile earth, our island home,” I find myself being drawn to a pattern of praying many of us learned long

We glory in your cross’

My dad was a very fine woodworker. He kept many kinds of wood on hand in his well-equipped workshop. With spruce and pine, he built

Sid and Simeon

I asked the rector if I would see Sid that day. It was Dec. 12 of last year. He said yes, Canon Davies would be

Pray for the church

In parish visits across the country, I cherish the opportunity of meeting people at the door. There are often interesting exchanges. Without fail there will


My mom died three years ago, the summer that I was elected primate of our beloved church. I had always hoped for just a few

Tribute and Hope

In early October, I participated in the unveiling of the Memorial Monument to the Fallen Soldier at the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization in Richmond

Hands on

In mid-August, I attended the first ever Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering in London, Ont. National Bishop Susan Johnson was there along with all

William and Lydia

Dr. William Winter, a highly respected elder in Kingfisher Lake, Ont., had a dream many years ago of establishing a program for training indigenous people

Coming to synod

It is my joy to welcome you to the General Synod meeting in Halifax next month. Some of you may be thinking…”Me? The Primate’s inviting

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