Archbishop elected

Published April 1, 2000


Australia’s Anglican Church has elected a progressive archbishop and theologian, Dr. Peter Carnley, 62, as its new head.

The choice is likely to annoy church conservatives who have not forgotten that Archbishop Carnley was the first bishop to ordain women priests in Australia, ordaining 10 in 1992 before women?s ordination had been agreed by the church?s General Synod, and starting a rift that some argue has not healed.

Archbishop Carnley was elected on Feb. 3 by a vote of 24 to 17, ahead of Dr. Harry Goodhew, the conservative archbishop of Australia?s most populous and powerful diocese, Sydney.

Asked his opinion of the recent consecration in Singapore of two bishops for the American Church, Archbishop Carnley described their action as ?wicked.?

With files from Margaret Rodgers, Anglican Media Sydney.


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